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The Choice is Yours

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Most recently my Colorado Hoopsters basketball club recently went to Chicago to play basketball in the Nike EYBL Tournament of Champions 2019. As a former player and coach of 20+ years now in high school and club I have participated in many tournaments across the world. This tournament was bigger than any other tournament I have played in. There were 700 teams on 75 courts. The tournament was well run, except for the officials, great competition and great location.

My take way from the tournament is this. In an era where entitlement is at its peak future hoop stars cannot download a jump shot or learn the game through osmosis. Simply put if you want to get better you must get in the gym and put in the work. Take time to work on your fundamental skills (ball handling, passing and shooting). You need to work on these skills repetitiously by the thousands. This is "foundational" to playing at a high level. And when the going gets tough keep grinding. Real players don't make excuses or quit. Grinding for greatness is not easy or else everybody would be doing it.

Michael Jordan said it best, "if you quit once it becomes a habit never quit."

If you want to get better the choice is yours! See you next time Hoopsters...

Never give up!

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