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The Colorado Hoopsters are a collection of student-athletes from different schools. Without your loyalty and support these student-athletes would not have the opportunity to participate and the Hoopsters would not survive. We do not receive federal or state funding. We rely on leaders like yourself to help change our community 1 student-athlete at a time.  
Contact the Colorado Hoopsters for donation information.

Sponsor a player!

Please consider making an investment into the lives of a student-athlete. You can help change the life of just 1 child.  

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Fund a team!

No opportunity in the lives of a child is too big or too small. Help us provide our teams opportunities to change their lives. 

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Become an Ambassador!

The best way to spread the word is by way of our leader ambassadors. Help us grow our network so kids can play.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America. Our hope is to teach kids how to play and experience the passion, skill and value of playing basketball. With less fortunate families they are unable to play the game at its highest levels. Club and travel teams that are more competitive are more expensive to play forcing families to make decisions to not have their child play. The Colorado Hoopsters mission is to provide each player the opportunity to experience basketball at the highest of levels regardless of ethnicity, disabilities and income. This can only be done through generous individual, corporate community partners or ask individual families to pay. We are determined to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate the barriers of financial expenses for our players. 

Colorado Hoopsters is a 501C3 non-profit organization. Your donation is eligible for tax deductions. See your accountant for details. 

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