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The Blue Hit This Past Weekend!

Extra shout out to all our Hoopster teams and coaches! We have 12 teams. 11 teams played this weekend.

We are so excited to have our kids playing. They all played their hearts out. The blue wave hit today. We gave them a reason to hate today.

Coach Cesar Cedillo 6th grade team won chip.

Coach Oscar Cedillo 6th grade team won the chip.

Coach Gabe 7th grade team took 2nd.

Coach Shawn 7th grade team took 3rd.

Coach Kaile 8th grade took 2nd.

Coach Dom 8th grade team won the chip.

Coach Gabe 15u team took 2nd.

Coach Noah 16u team played their heart out.

Coach Khrys 16u and Coach Steve 16u would have played each other in the chip. But we didn't play each other.

Coach Billy 17u team didn't play as a team. The kids filled in other Hoopster spots.

Coach Gabe 17u team took 3rd.

Great job Coaches and Hoopsters. So proud of you all and grateful for your leadership.

We don’t want to be anyone else. We are who we are. We have been and are Hoopsters!

There are many great clubs this one is ours!

Next stop Phoenix!

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