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Hoopsters Played Well in Chicago

We had an amazing time in Chicago. We came to play the best and compete. And we did just that!

We had 6 high school teams and (2) 6th grade teams playing. We played 52 games as an organization. It was exhausting.

Our 17u Blue team went 4-3 finished 7th of 32 teams.

Our 17u White team went 6-1 finished 3rd in their division.

Our 16u Blue team lost in the championship by 1 point.

Our 16u White team went 3-4. They battled all tournament.

Our 15u Blue team went 4-3. They were in the hunt.

Our 14u team went 1-6. They fought and played their asses off every game.

The 6th White went 4-1 in the USJN Chicago.

The 6th Blue went 2-3 in the USJN Chicago.

We had a very good representation. These kids have worked so hard for this opportunity. We are so proud of you.

Thank you to our coaches who have been grinding and giving their time, talents and treasures to make this work. We have the best coaching staff in the state period end of story. Love you all.

Steve Fendry, Billy Salaz, Khrys Contreraz, Noah Vigil, Tedd Sabus, Evan Eschmeyer, Oscar Cedillo, Cesar Cedillo, Shawn Dirden, James Ortegon, Kailee Hilliard, Dom Vigil.

I am beyond blessed to be able to be part of their basketball journey with these girls. Truly makes my heart smile. Thank you Hoopster parents for your love and support.

It is special to make these memories with my daughters. This is how we spend our time. Always in the gym. Always!!!!

We are not a religious organization. We are an organization that is filled with the spirit of the Lord. God’s will not ours. HE has and always will lead us! Thank you Jesus for allowing us to do your work.

There are many great clubs in the country this one is ours.

Take a look at our video. Thank you for all your support Hoopster Country! 🙏🏽👍🏽🏀💙

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