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Congrats to our Founder Gary Rhoades

Congratulations to the founder of the Colorado Hoopsters Gary Rhoades. The basketball court at Denver West High School has been named after Gary Rhoades. Gary is a graduate of Denver West in 1971. Gary was an All-City, All-State and All-American at Denver West and Colorado State University.

Tonight was an absolute honor watching my mentor and coach Gary Rhoades get the Denver West High School basketball court named after him.

Words can’t express how grateful and blessed I am to have been coached and have Gary in my life. It is a blessing and honor to have had my daughters and all my family members be coached by Gary. He coached us not only in basketball but the game of life. He has always been there for me and my family. Unconditionally!!!!! We love you Gary! 🙏🏽🏀💙

Little known fact Ms. Rhoades (Gary's mom) was my 2nd grade teacher at Fairmont Elementary. And Glenda Rhoades (Gary's wife) was my wife’s teacher at Johnson Elementary.


On behalf of the 1000’s of kids in Colorado (West and Southwest Denver) and the Colorado Hoopsters that Gary has worked with we want to say Thank You Gary!


It was amazing to see all the Lincoln HS hoopers, West HS hoopers, Barnum hoopers, Harvey Park Hoopers come  support Gary. Makes my heart smile seeing all the fellas. Good times! 💙🏀


It’s always amazing to see my high school Coach Bob Caton. He and Gary have been inseparable since their childhood. Love you Coach Caton! 🏀


Big shout out to Denver West High School and Coach Leon Garcia for honoring Gary. It was very classy.


Great job to Meshach and Warren G for coordinating the details. And amazing speech by Ari and El honoring their grandpa. That was very cool!

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