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Hoopsters Balled Out in Phoenix!

The Colorado Hoopsters high school teams played in the Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix May 19-21, 2023. The Hoopsters had teams playing.

The 15u League of Champions team went 0-5. However the team played up a division and played their hearts out.

The 16u Gray team went 2-4 and battled the entire tournament.

The 16u Blue team went 4-1 and won the Nike League of Champions 16u division.

The 17u White tam went 1-4 but battled and fought through injuries all weekend.

The 17u White team went 3-2 in the Nike League of Champions 17u division.

The Hoopsters traveled as a family, played together as a unit and represented the Hoopster organization. We are proud of the girls. Thank you to the parents for your support.

Extra special thanks to the coaches who are in the grind with our Hoopsters! Great job Coach Noah, Coach Khrys, Coach Billy, Coach Steve, Coach Evan, Coach Tedd and Coach Gabe for your hard work.

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