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A Legacy of Leadership

Message to Hoopsters

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Interview with CHSAA Commissioner

Rhonda Blanford Green

To All Hoopsters out there.  I am sorry we have had to cancel the playoffs of the high school season, all of the end of the year tournaments and now the beginning of the club season. However the Coronavirus is serious and we need to take serious precautions. It may not affect you but it may affect a loved one or someone's loved one. The best thing we can do is to keep our social distance. 

With that being said that doesn't mean you cannot grind on your own. We have practiced many drills over the past years. You are well-equipped to do "self-driven workouts". We teach being disciplined. You must now convert your learned discipline to "self-discipline" (which is knowing what to do, when to do it, without being told).

I don't know when we will return back to our grind but when we do we expect you to be ready. Make sure to take care of yourself and be safe. Don't take anything for granted. Stay locked in and be present. Remember A+E=O!!!

Your Attitude + Your Effort = Your Outcome 

See you soon Hoopsters!!!

For over 30 years the Colorado Hoopsters have helped student-athletes improve their game and get to the next level. 

Workout of the Day

She lives. She loves. She hoops.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Physical Work

10 Sit-Ups/ Crunches 

10 Push-Ups

25 Jumping Jacks

10 Squats

1 min. Plank - Holds


Do this for 3 cycles.


Ball Handling Work

Right Hand High Dribble x 50

Right Hand Low Dribble x 50

Left Hand High Dribble x 50

Left Hand Low Dribble x 50

Right Hand Side-to-Side x 50

Left Hand Side-to-Side x 50

Right Hand Up & Back x 50

Left Hand Up & Back x 50

Figure 8 x 25 then reverse x 25

Between Leg (right) Crossover x 50

Between Leg (left) Crossover x 50

Behind Your Back x 50


Dribble with headphones for 20 min after you do this routine. 

Keep grinding for greatness.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays


Physical Work

Jog 1 mile under 8 min. 

Time it on your phone!


Run 6 - 40 yard sprints as fast as you can.

Run 4 - 60 yard sprints as fast as you can. 


Shooting - 1000 Shots/ Day

Form Shooting 5 ft. Front  - 20 Shots

Form Shooting 5 ft. Side (L) - 20 Shots

Form Shooting 5 ft. Side (R) - 20 Shots

Right Hand Lay-Ups x 25

Left Hand Lay-Ups x 25

15 ft. Around the Horn Shots x 250

Free Throws x 100

Three Point Shots x 250

Shoot additional 500 game shots

These are game shots run to rebound your own shot. You should be sweating. If you have a partner you can partner shoot. 

Go above and beyond the rest. 

Additional Resources


Ride your bike for 3 miles.





Go above and beyond cause glory lasts forever. Push yourself to keep getting better. 

What's new  with the Hoopsters..

ABOUT Hoopsters

Colorado Hoopsters is a non-profit organization that is committed to to teaching kids explicitly how to thrive in to competitive sports, academic achievement and be servant leaders in the community.  To learn more about our history and philosophy click on the read more tab below.