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Keep Ballin' PM4

In 1998 I started my teaching and coaching career. I started at Emerson Street School. It was an alternative school for kids who were expelled. On the 1st day of school I broke up a fight between 2 middle schools students. Both boys were over 6'2 in middle school. They were big kids.

Both of these boys ended up playing for my Colorado Elite basketball club team at the time. One of them went on to become a high school star and in college shattered the Guiness Book of World Records for rebounds in a game, season and college career. This happened to be none other than current Denver Nugget #4 Paul Millsap.

Paul was always an intense kid who liked to kid around. He has a great personality and is very friendly. I am not shocked that in 2019 he is an NBA All Star. He was a superstar in middle school he didn't realize it.

Keep ballin' out Paul! Let's go PM4!

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