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Our Hoopster Family Grows

So we have added a 5th grade Hoopster team to our program. I am pleased to announce class of 2028 Hoopsters. As our seniors take their finals steps this year we add a new group of Hoopsters.

We are ballin! It’s exciting to be part of watching these young ladies grow as players and people.

We celebrate and honor 6 seniors this year. Mariah Ramos, Nikki Antonopolous, Liyah Bruin, Skylar Boylan and Valeria Salinas we are so proud of you! 👍🏽These girls will add their name to a long list and legacy of Hoopsters. We still have unfinished business.

Next stop Las Vegas! In the meantime and in between times we will be in the gym grindin....

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